Nothing is perfect than celebrating two hearts become one together with the people who have witness the love you made. The ambience and the beauty of the venue will give you all the feels on your very special day.

La Mariposa is an events place with a dome of butterflies in lush florals and greens, draped pavilion and colorful foliage. Amidst lush floral and greens stands a stylized draped pavilion that radiates a hushed elegance and modest charm.

Every bride’s wish is to have a close to perfect wedding. To walk down the aisle is the most awaited day of every woman. Planning is fun and exciting, but it was never easy. It will take you time, patience and money to find the wedding dream team of(…)

Tagaytay has become one of the most preferred Wedding locations. Now, the city is entitled to be the Wedding capital of the Philippines. Wedding venue is more than just a setting. It’s a place where memories are made in which Tagaytay(…)

The Tagaytay Wedding Cafe shares their experience in La Mariposa Events Park through this article. Featuring lush greeneries and picturesque sceneries, La Mariposa Events Park is a must visit place to finally tie the knot.

In the middle of floral and greenery, stands proud a posh pavilion that gives off sophistication and modest charm. Boasting of immense space that is not imposing but rather lovely and graceful, its interiors(…)

Having a difficult time finding an awesome event venue for your big wedding day? Worry no more! We have come up with a list of the best places to say “I Do” in our country’s second summer capital. Click the link for the full article.

Planning a wedding is very exciting and fun to do, well maybe sometimes it becomes stressful that is when you don’t get the right suppliers. Tagaytay is one of the best and famous places to do exchange your vows and to celebrate your love for each other.


“To Ms. Ana La Mariposa Events Park thank you for the great venue. Hearing positive feedback from the guests melts our hearts. As they are WOWed from the entrance of the venue up to the shining chandeliers. ”

Kristel Bautista-Briones


“Hindi lang maganda at reasonable ang La Mariposa, safe and secure pa ang couples and their special guests kahit umulan ng malakas. Walang putik, hindi messy! Kaya maging practical at sigurista kayo mga engaged couples!

Maling de Veyra

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