We’re located La Mariposa is an events

place with a dome

of butterflies in lush florals and greens, draped pavilion and colorful

foliage.in Tagaytay City!

Amidst lush floral and greens stands a stylized draped pavilion that radiates a hushed elegance and modest charm. Central to the pavilion is an outdoor “I do” garden that is both lovely and dainty. Accentuating the community of plans and flowers is a quaint dome that encases a kaleidoscope butterflies in vibrant hues dancing merrily over dew-kissed flora exactly he very essence of the place’s name “La Mariposa” (Spanish term for a butterfly)

Dotting the verdant surroundings are butterfly-themed ornaments and knick-knacks that fascinate one’s sense of creative appreciation. An archway profuse with colorful foliage will welcome guests in awe as they promenade towards the pavilion. Embellished on the verges of the pavilion are water inlets and miniature enclaves, enclaves of ponds that are both soothing and calming.

As the guest lazed around one in perpetually caressed by the tranquil gushes of the much endeared Tagaytay winds. At the culmination of the visit, the highlight of the whole experience is still the certainty of each guest effortlessly throughout, flashing that momentous and sweetest of smiles as captured through each snap, click and tick of random shots to preserve those great memories of having visited “La Mariposa Tagaytay”.


Large Draped Pavilion (300pax Capacity)      

  -Garden Gazebo         -Bridal Room and Holding Area             

  -Butterfly Dome           -Pantry    

  -Arche Trellis Entrance           -Spacious Parking-Accessibility

-Lush Flora and Greens


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“To Ms. Ana La Mariposa Events Park thank you for the great venue. Hearing positive feedback from the guests melts our hearts. As they are WOWed from the entrance of the venue up to the shining chandeliers. ”

Kristel Bautista-Briones


“Hindi lang maganda at reasonable ang La Mariposa, safe and secure pa ang couples and their special guests kahit umulan ng malakas. Walang putik, hindi messy! Kaya maging practical at sigurista kayo mga engaged couples!

Maling de Veyra

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